Exxxtra Blues Band was founded as the offspring of Natural Blues Band in October, 2001. After the formation of Natural Blues Band in 1999, it was a very successful band not only in Hungary but also abroad. Our first material „Rising Blues” was recorded and also published in Austria by Knöbl Records. After that we began our concert tour. The most important ones were: three-day festival in Waidhofen, Blues Festival in Deutschlandberg ,Jazz festival in Klagenfurt – where the only Hungarian artist beside us was Aladár Pege. We gave concerts in the big cities of Austria: Wienna, Graz, Gleisdorf, Linz etc. But our biggest success is, that we were twice the band the of John Mayall the white king of Blues!


Our second material was also recorded in Austria by Knöbl Records. Unfortunately after concert tour the band split up because of personal problems. That is why the Exxxtra Blues Band was founded with old-new members. We started the band very promising, although we have not recorded anything yet. We have concentrated on our live performances, that has brought success in Hungary. After we got known abroad, we received several invitations to festivals where we could show our own songs to our audience. Also the media has recognized us: we performed in a Hungarian channels TV program, called „Delelő”, and several Hungarian radios play our songs.

We performed in the Festival of Bildein in Austria, where ORF ( an Austrian channel) recorded a videoclip from one of our own songs, called Jack Daniels. This video has been shown on TV several times in Austria. We perform in small clubs, that clearly shows that there is a need for good blues music nowadays.