The band formed 20 years ago, in 1984. According to the requirements of that era, every musician had to have a license to work. It was not so easy to get a license, because a very hard exam had to be taken to get it. It required a lot of practice, knowledge and intelligence. After the successful exam, five of us started to work in the best hotels of the town. Later we had to reduce the number of members and we had to start working with a drum-computer, so we continued as a three-men band. 

These three members have played in the group until. We have had several concerts in the past 20 years, where we performed for various audience, we performed in Hungary and also in all the counties of Austria. We also played in Germany Switzerland and Denmark, so the band is very experienced. In our repertoire you can find folk music, pop music played in our own style according to the audience. E.g.: in Austria we sing the song sin the areas accent.